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The world owes a debt to Kiyoshi Kuromiya for his trailblazing HIV/AIDS activism

Kiyoshi Kuromiya HIV/AIDS activist

As a self-proclaimed “Forrest Gump of activism,” Kiyoshi Kuromiya was present for many of the U.S. social justice movements in the ‘60s through the ‘90s, which included the Vietnam War, gay rights and the Stonewall era, the Civil Rights movement and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Born on May 9, 1943, in a Japanese American concentration camp in Wyoming, Kuromiya, a sansei (third-generation Japanese) activist, experienced social injustices since he was a baby. His parents were upheaved from Monrovia, Calif., to Heart Mountain Relocation Center along with 120,000 other Japanese Americans during WWII, despite also being citizens and California natives.

H‌‌IV‌‌-Infected Army Sergeant in Thailand Admits to R‌a‌p‌i‌‌n‌‌g Over 70 Teenage Boys


Thai p‌o‌li‌ce appre‌‌hen‌ded an H‌IV-positive, high-ranking soldier on Wednesday for allegedly ra‌p‌in‌g an estimated 75 teenage boys.

Army sergeant major Jakkrit Khomsing is a‌ccu‌sed of luring his vic‌tim‌s, age 13-18, using a false profile on the ga‌y dating app “Blued,” reports Coconuts Media.‌

Horrifying: Woman Gets Pierced by Unknown Needle While Riding SF BART

A mother of two was recently pierced by a needle from what seems to be used for injecting drugs while riding the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) last week.

Linda Quan boarded a train bound for San Francisco, California, on her way to work from Dublin BART station on Thursday morning, according to KRON4. Then, 30 minutes into the ride, she was surprised when she felt something pierced her from her seat.

Self-Proclaimed ‘Super Laowai’ Accused of Spreading AIDS in China

A Spanish/French man who goes by the name “Sami” online has been accused of spreading AIDS in China.

The self-proclaimed “internet celebrity” and “super laowai” bragged about the Chinese beauties that would throw themselves at him with sex proposals via texts. All was going well for the 31-year-old vlogger until a woman who had a one night stand with him accused him of giving her AIDs, according to Apple Daily.

$5 HIV Test Kits Are Now Sold in Vending Machines at Universities Across China

In an effort to raise awareness and prevent HIV cases in China, some universities have started selling HIV test kits in vending machines.

The Chinese Association of STD and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control (CASAPC) initiated installment of nine specialized vending machines across universities in China. This move is to encourage those who want to get tested but want to remain anonymous.