Self-Proclaimed ‘Super Laowai’ Accused of Spreading AIDS in China

Self-Proclaimed ‘Super Laowai’ Accused of Spreading AIDS in ChinaSelf-Proclaimed ‘Super Laowai’ Accused of Spreading AIDS in China
Editorial Staff
April 16, 2018
A Spanish/French man who goes by the name “Sami” online has been accused of spreading AIDS in China.
The self-proclaimed “internet celebrity” and “super laowai” bragged about the Chinese beauties that would throw themselves at him with sex proposals via texts. All was going well for the 31-year-old vlogger until a woman who had a one night stand with him accused him of giving her AIDs, according to Apple Daily.
Although Sami said he came to Shenzhen, China to find a wife and not to fool around, he is notorious for being something of a player. His Weibo account is full of photos of him surrounded by sexy Chinese women, his motto “one girl for one night” summing up how he feels about relationships.
A WeChat photo and conversation showed a Chinese female internet celebrity confronting him about giving her AIDS. Sami rebutted, stating that “Chinese girls are whores,” and “they deserve what they get”. After the messages went public, Sami tried to prove his innocence by showing a medical certificate which reported a negative HIV result. Regardless, his dirty laundry now aired, other women started coming forward about their damaging interactions with him, such as him beating his girlfriends, cheating, and secretly filming sex tapes.
Sami’s WeChat profile indicates that he was born on June 1, 1987 and that he graduated from Madrid Technical College. His profile boasts he is 186 cm and “China First Foreign Internet Celebrity.” He also states he is single and looking for a kind Chinese woman to have a “mix blood baby”.
With his White skin and golden hair, Sami used his features to get a celebrity status in China. He has several million followers and even got on a Hunan TV program. He likes to show off his expensive sports cars and brags about the many women he sleeps with.
As far as the HIV allegations go, he has made it clear that he will take action against his accusers.
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