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Watch Hennessy X.O’s Star-Studded Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration with Harry Shum Jr

A classy evening of insightful conversations, showstopping musical performances and engaging activities marked Hennessy X.O’s Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.

Hennessy’s free special digital event “A Moonlight Odyssey,” which was streamed via Facebook Live on Sept. 23, featured some of our favorite Asian American celebrities playing an unexpectedly lively game of mahjong, preparing must-try food and drinks and performing songs every music-lover should hear. 

Harry Shum Jr., Shibutani Siblings Buy Out Theaters to Support John Cho’s ‘Searching’

“Crazy Rich Asians” actor Harry Shum Jr. and Olympic medalists Maia and Alex Shibutani bought out theaters in support of “Searching,” a hyper-modern thriller starring “Star Trek” alumnus John Cho.

Directed by Aneesh Chaganty, “Searching” revolves around David Kim’s (John Cho) quest to find his missing teenage daughter, Margot (Michelle La), through digital footprints left in her laptop.

Dear Disney, Here’s 8 Extremely Hot Asian Guys Perfect as Mulan’s Love Interest

The live-action “Mulan” movie has been fraught with troubles since its inception.

At first, Disney was entertaining a script that featured Mulan falling in love with some random White merchant. Then we discovered that they would adhere to the original a bit more with Mulan having a Chinese love interest, but that it wouldn’t necessarily be Captain Li Shang. They dropped that bomb at the same time as this ridiculously crazy one — the live-action would be without its memorable songs. Another recent blow? That the release date was pushed to 2019, meaning we have to wait yet another year to watch one of the greatest Disney movies of all time be added to the live-action list.

One of TV’s Hottest Asian Hunks Just Joined ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

The upcoming adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s best-selling novel “Crazy Rich Asians” just added actor and dancer Harry Shum Jr. to its stellar cast.

The “Glee” star will join an all-Asian cast including Constance Wu (“Fresh Off the Boat”), Michelle Yeoh (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”), newcomer Henry Golding, Gemma Chan (“Humans”), rapper Awkwafina, and many others.