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Taiwanese Hacker Backs Out on Threat of Deleting Mark Zuckerberg’s Profile in Livestream

An independent white hat hacker from Taiwan is backing down from his earlier claim that he would delete Mark Zuckerberg’s own Facebook page and broadcast it live on Sunday.

Chang Chi-yuan, a minor celebrity at home with over 26,000 Facebook followers, announced his endeavor on his account earlier this week, saying he would take down the billionaire’s account at 6 p.m. local time.

Mark Zuckerberg Got His Twitter Hacked After Using the Worst Password Ever

A Saudi Arabia-based group of hackers that call themselves “OurMine” briefly hacked the Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts of Mark Zuckerberg over the weekend, but it’s the password that the Facebook CEO used that has many shaking their heads.

OurMine, who claimed to just be testing Zuckerberg’s security, reportedly found his password in a leaked LinkedIn password dump that occurred last month. When they gained access to Zuckerberg’s twitter, they tweeted:

Facebook Awards Indian Hacker $15,000 For Discovering How to Hack into any Profile

A brilliant hacker from India found a dangerous weakness in Facebook’s “Forgot Password?” algorithm that can be exploited to gain access to any profile. Instead of utilizing it to do harm, he notified Facebook about the loophole and was rewarded a cool $15,000.

Security engineer Anand Prakash detailed his accomplishment in a blog post, explaining his discovery and methods on exploring the social network’s vulnerability. He also uploaded a video proving his exploit along with a screenshot of his prize from Facebook.

You’ll NEVER Want to Use Public Wi-Fi Again After Reading This

When we need Wi-Fi in public, sometimes it seems like we’ll say to ourselves, “I’ll take the first one I can get — I don’t care how shady it seems.” It might be slow, but free internet is always better than the Dark Ages-like periods when we don’t have any access.

Unfortunately, hackers know this too, and they’ve basically perfected a way to steal valuable information from your devices through attacks on public Wi-Fi networks that look like software updates. Hotels most of all have been hit with this threat for the valuable info travelling businessmen carry with them — and for their constant need to be online. The worst part is, big software companies like Microsoft, Google and Comcast either have no idea about it or have inadvertently put their customers at risk.