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French tattoo model earns Guinness record for world’s largest Studio Ghibli memorabilia collection

Guinness World Record Studio Ghibli collection
  • A woman in Paris, France, has been awarded a Guinness World Record for owning the largest known Studio Ghibli memorabilia collection.
  • Eloïse Jéglot, a makeup artist and tattoo model, was officially recorded as owning 1,304 Studio Ghibli items.
  • Some of these items include Studio Ghibli character figurines, plush toys and CDs.
  • Since receiving the award, Jéglot’s collection has grown and she now owns 1,496 Studio Ghibli items.

Eloïse Jéglot, a makeup artist and tattoo model from Paris, France, was awarded a Guinness World Record for owning the largest known Studio Ghibli memorabilia collection.

Jéglot received the award for owning 1,304 Studio Ghibli items on Oct. 7 of last year; however, the official YouTube channel for Guinness World Records uploaded a video yesterday showing the Ghibli memorabilia that Jéglot owns. 

BTS’ Jin has surprise Billboard hit with viral ‘Super Tuna’ song, V breaks two Instagram world records

BTS Social Media

While on a temporary break, BTS’ Jin has a surprise hit on the Billboard chart for his viral “Super Tuna” song while V broke world records for his Instagram follower gain. 

#SuperTuna: Jin’s “Super Tuna” broke into the Top 10 Hot Trending Songs of the Billboard Hot 100 charts, marking his second trip on the chart following his single “Yours,” reported The News International

Scottish Fold superstar Motimaru breaks world record for most views for a cat on YouTube with nearly 620 million views

Motimaru scottish fold cat Guinness World Record YouTube

Motimaru, a Scottish Fold male cat from Japan, is now a Guinness World Record holder for “Most views for a cat on YouTube” after reaching more than half a billion total views on his channel “motimaru’s diary.”

Establishing a record: Motimaru, or known by his millions of viewers as “Moti-sama,” was certified on Aug. 12 when the superstar cat’s channel hit a total of 619,586,260 views, according to Guinness World Records. Since then, the channel’s total views have already grown to 687,878,088.

BTS inducted into Guinness World Records Hall of Fame, score No. 1 song of summer with ‘Butter’

BTS song "Butter" also is the number one song

K-pop superstar group BTS continues to dominate the global music industry with their hit song “Butter,” finishing at the top of Billboard’s Songs of the Summer Chart, just days after the band was inducted into the Guinness World Records’ Hall of Fame.

Topping the charts: The Songs of the Summer Chart tracks the performance of popular songs based on “weekly streaming-, airplay- and sales-based Billboard Hot 100 from Memorial Day through Labor Day,” according to Billboard

BLACKPINK Sets 5 New World Records for ‘How You Like That’


South Korean pop group BLACKPINK has set several new Guinness World Records for their recently released single “How You Like That.”

The new music video, which garnered more than 86.3 million views when it was first released on June 26, set the new record for “Most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours,” “Most viewed music video on YouTube in 24 hours” and “Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group,” according to Guinness World Records.

1,069 Dancing Robots Set New Guinness World Record in China

The Guinness World Record for having the most robots dancing simultaneously has been officially broken in China with 1,069 dancing robots.

The feat was achieved by WL Intelligent Technology Co, LTD, in Guangzhou, located in the province of Guangdong in southern China. The robots, which are called by its model name Dobi, were originally programmed not only to dance, but also perform other entertaining tasks like sing, box, play football and do Kung Fu moves, according to Guinness.