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Train Groper Caught on Video Getting Tripped While Running from Victims

A train groper was successfully apprehended in Japan after a bystander decided to to get involved by tripping the fleeing suspect as his victims chased him on a train platform in Akabane Station, Tokyo.

The intense moment was captured online by Japanese Twitter user @influencer_com_. The video shows two school girls chasing after a man in a suit as he tries to flee from his victims while everyone else watches the whole incident.

Sex Predators Brag About Groping Schoolgirls on Japan’s Most Important Exam Day

Sexual predators bragged on social media about their plans to grope female high school students boarding trains on their way to take Japan’s National Center Test, a standardized college entrance exam administered once every year.

In a recent report, NHK’s News Watch 9 revealed a disturbing collection of social media posts from audacious sex predators about groping school girls on public transportation, also known as chikan, on Jan. 13 and 14, the test days for 2018.