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Grindr President Scott Chen Backtracks After Saying Marriage is ‘between a man and a woman’

Scott Chen, the president of gay dating app Grindr, has backtracked on his recent comments on the issue of gay marriage after generating backlash from within the app’s own community.

Chen had earlier wrote in a lengthy Facebook post that he believes “marriage is a holy matrimony between a man and a woman.” It was posted just days after voters in Taiwan rejected same-sex marriage in a referendum.

CEO Sues Grindr for Allowing Discrimination Against Asians

Sinakhone Keodara, founder and CEO of Asian Entertainment Television, announced his plan to file a national, class-action lawsuit against Grindr for racial discrimination.

In a Twitter post on Monday, Keodara called for co-plaintiffs across all 50 U.S. states who have been “offended, humiliated, degraded and dehumanized” by the app’s tolerance of gay white men who write statements such as “No Asians” in their profiles.

Gay Man Shocked Over the Racism Asian Men in the LGBT Community Deal With on Grindr

The social hookup app Grindr presented a new five-part online series called “What the Flip?” with the first installment featuring an Asian man and White man swapping profiles for a day.

The featured users of the gay dating app take over each other’s profiles, letting them send messages as a different race and receive photos from other men.

Chinese Owner of Grindr to Pay $1.1 Billion to Wife in Divorce Settlement

Chinese billionaire Zhou Yahui, who owns significant shares of several tech companies including the popular gay dating app Grindr, is about to award $1.1 billion worth of company shares as a divorce settlement to his wife.

According to Bloomberg, the settlement will leave his wife Li Qiong with a 26.4% stake in Beijing Kunlun Tech Co., while Zhou will retain 34.5%. The settlement amount, equivalent to 278 million shares of his online gaming company, is considered to be one of China’s biggest divorce settlements ever.