Asian-Australian Man Only Dates White Guys Because ‘Once You Go White, Nothing Else Seem Right’

Asian-Australian Man Only Dates White Guys Because ‘Once You Go White, Nothing Else Seem Right’
Khier Casino
By Khier Casino
March 1, 2017
Alexander Montgomery calls himself a “potato queen” because he feels that “the white race is the superior one today. I only date white men.”
The 42-year-old Singaporean-Australian gay man’s obscurity does not stop him from pontificating on his perceived racial superiority.
Montgomery, an entrepreneur and author of “True Confessions of a Potato Queen”, was on Monday night’s episode of the Australian experimental dating show called “Date My Race”.
While he has dated other races before, a relationship with a white man that lasted for 18 years led Montgomery to believe “once you go white, nothing else seems right,” according to
Montgomery said he’s aware that his views are controversial, even considered racist by some, but he strongly stands behind his opinion.
Besides it’s not racism, it’s a preference, I am attracted to white guys,” he claims, comparing his racial preference to someone who refuses to date tall people.
Liking Caucasian men is fine, and he should have left it at that. There is nothing wrong with having a preference.
But saying white people are superior just perpetuates racism and “white supremacy” in the gay community, where many guys have only ever found white men to be attractive, with plenty on dating apps like Grindr posting “no Asians/Blacks/Latinos” on their profiles.
Even heterosexual Asian men and women carry around an inferiority complex, with men being condemned to the friend zone while women become the object of a white guy’s fetish for being sexy and exotic.
It’s really sad to see that our society has been taught that “white is right” and we pretty much put white men on a pedestal.
Montgomery also believes that white people are “kinder and more sympathetic,” but it could be one of the reasons Australia has “the refugee problems it does.
The 42-year-old was set up with another Asian man as part of his date on the show.
Montgomery admitted that there was chemistry between the two of them before they met in real life but said the attraction faded during their date.
Date My Race”, hosted by journalist Santilla Chingaipe, featured three participants who all have racial bias when it comes to dating.
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