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Random Country Road in Taiwan Gets 5-Star Rating on Google Maps After Woman Uploads ‘Boob Video’

An unidentified woman in Taiwan added a risqué video of herself flashing her boobs on a remote road on Google Maps, racking up hundreds of five-star ratings for the location.

The 18-second naughty clip shows the woman looking around her surroundings in Pingtung County, Taiwan, to make sure that nobody notices her pulling down her pink top to show off her breast to the world.

Adorable Doggo Photobombs Every Photo on Street Chasing a Google Map Car in Japan

Dogs are interesting creatures; they are playful, wild, and sometimes curious, especially with things they are not exposed to on a daily basis — like a Google Street View Car, for instance.

When they see things that are new to them, some dogs tend to shiver and cower in fear while others bark and chase it until they scare it away, like this cute tiny pooch from the town of Kumage in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan.

Google Maps Captures the Most Japanese Thing Ever in Japan

Like other Google Cars, this one in Japan was photographing roads for Google Map‘s street view option one fine day. But what it captured from a distance was something unique for the rest of the world: a staring sumo wrestler.

Behold the curious sumo wrestler, peeking on the Google Car’s whereabouts. This guy is 23-year-old Toshiki Hokutōu who just finished training at Tokyo’s Hakkaku-Beya sumo stable when the unsuspecting car caught his attention.