Google Maps Captures the Most Japanese Thing Ever in Japan

Like other Google Cars, this one in Japan was photographing roads for Google Map‘s street view option one fine day. But what it captured from a distance was something unique for the rest of the world: a staring sumo wrestler.
Behold the curious sumo wrestler, peeking on the Google Car’s whereabouts. This guy is 23-year-old Toshiki Hokutōu who just finished training at Tokyo’s Hakkaku-Beya sumo stable when the unsuspecting car caught his attention.
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According to RocketNews24, Hokutōu grew excited at the sight of the vehicle and ran after it for a closer view. The mawashi loincloth says it all.
Later on, Hokutōu figured that his presence was shot when the photos were uploaded to Google’s Street View. He shared his story over Twitter:
“One day after practice, as I was unfastening my mawashi, I saw a Google car drive by. I remember saying ‘Look! A Google car!’ and chasing after it, but had no idea it was photographing…”
Google has collected Street View from many countries at this point. In Asia, these include Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.
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