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Hungry Goat Spared From Slaughter After Becoming Adorable Celebrity in China

chinese goat

A goat in Shanxi province, China was saved from being slaughtered after it became a social media stakir for its incredible appetite for human snacks.

The young goatherd, Li Fu, was supposed to bring his goat to the slaughterhouse to sell, but he noticed that the animal has quite an appetite for snacks such as cakes, fruits as well as instant noodles and kebabs.

Goats Are As Smart As Dogs and Love Humans Just as Much, University Study Finds

Scientists have discovered that goats, too, can make great pets and may even rival dogs for the title of “man’s best friend.”

A recent study by Queen Mary University of London researchers revealed that the goat, mainly domesticated for agricultural purposes, also possesses the ability to form an emotional bond with its owner, according to the Telegraph. In an experiment documented in Biological Letters, the goats were  observed to gaze at their owners emotionally when they are seeking help or assistance. Such a trait, which is not usually seen in other animals who never co-existed with humans, is also commonly found in dogs.