Chinese farmer uses AI to save hundreds of newborn goats

Chinese farmer uses AI to save hundreds of newborn goatsChinese farmer uses AI to save hundreds of newborn goats
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Bryan Ke
December 27, 2022
A man who once worked in the finance industry in Shanghai now uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help reduce the mortality rate of goats giving birth.
Huang Zhen, a 39-year-old graduate of Shanghai’s East China University of Political Science and Law, bought 50 acres of land on Chongming Island in Shanghai after realizing that he no longer wanted to stay in the finance industry.
At his newly bought farm, Huang and his parents began growing organic plants, something he learned through hands-on experience and by talking with other farmers.
Huang began expanding his farm by adding livestock, such as Chongming White Goats, in 2015. He then incorporated a new AI system co-developed by food delivery company Meituan and installed over 50 high-definition cameras around the farm to monitor the animals.
With the new system and cameras, Huang was able to keep an eye on the goats and determine any situations on the farm that could likely harm his livestock, such as illness, using the system’s 98% accuracy.
Huang has reportedly managed to reduce the mortality rate of his farm’s newborn goats, which used to be as high as 4% to 6% and even reached 10% in the winter.
The farm currently has 2,000 core breeder goats. With the technology we can save about 600 baby goats a year,” Huang said.
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