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Korean rapper Giant Pink issues apology after her dog attacks and kills another dog at a park

  • Korean rapper Giant Pink has come forward with an apology after a dog she co-owns with her sister killed a netizen’s dog at a park near Han River.
  • The netizen claims her dog went to greet Giant Pink’s two dogs and as it was returning back to their table, Giant Pink’s black dog attacked and killed her dog, Kkomi.
  • Giant Pink’s sister met the netizen two days later, but the netizen claims Giant Pink’s sister was not very caring of the situation. Giant Pink’s husband reached out to the netizen five days later, but the netizen did not want to meet them.
  • Giant Pink posted an apology on her Instagram and through her agency saying “I sincerely apologize to the owner who must be suffering a great loss due to this accident, and I would really like to apologize in person. I apologize for causing concern.”

Korean rapper Giant Pink, a member of hip-hop label AIKM under SM Entertainment, has issued an apology regarding her dog’s recent deadly attack on another dog.

The anonymous owner released their story to media outlets Monday alleging Giant Pink’s dog, Hoochu, had killed their dog.