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Genius Brothers Dominate College Physics in Texas — One Even Speaks Perfect Mandarin!

Carson and Cannan Huey-You, 14 and 11, respectively, are not your ordinary kids. The oldest of the two already has a degree in physics with minor in Mandarin Chinese and math while the youngest plans to study Astrophysics and engineering.

Carson, at the very young age of 14, became the youngest student to ever graduate in Texas Christian University. His younger brother, Cannan, is not too far behind as he will also attend the same institution to study to become an astronaut.

Carson Huey-You, 14, will become the youngest graduate in TCU’s history. Congrats to an exceptional young man!

Hong Kong’s Teenage Math Prodigy Becomes UCLA Professor

March Tian Boedihardjo is an 18-year-old, Hong Kong-born, Indonesian-Chinese genius who recently finished his doctorate program to become an associate professor of Math at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

The young prodigy, who began his university education at the very young age of nine, is set to begin his three-year contract with UCLA this year, according to Apple Daily (via Coconuts Hong Kong). 

11-Year-Old Genius Lets His College Classmates Know They Can ‘Email Him’ For Help

It’s not uncommon to find really smart students in a college class. Occasionally, one might encounter a student with above average or even superior I.Q. who easily understands each lesson and aces every quiz and exam.

And then there’s that very rare chance a college class would have an 11-year-old genius as a student letting his classmates know they can always email him if they need help.   

What I Learned From My Rap Genius Cofounders

I beef with my co-founders now, but I have to admit — they taught me some valuable things. Ilan Zechory was the first person who ever told me that the internet was going to blow up. This was in 2005. For those of you who don’t remember those times, let me explain to you: Facebook did not exist. Can you imagine? My Everipedia co-founders do not remember such a time.

When Ilan was living in L.A. writing for “Deadwood,” I would sometimes go to his Venice apartment where he was cooped up playing Party Poker online, and he would bemoan: “Ah! I have the whole internet right here at my fingertips and I don’t know what to do with it! So frustrating!”