Genius Brothers Dominate College Physics in Texas — One Even Speaks Perfect Mandarin!

Genius Brothers Dominate College Physics in Texas — One Even Speaks Perfect Mandarin!Genius Brothers Dominate College Physics in Texas — One Even Speaks Perfect Mandarin!

Carson and Cannan Huey-You, 14 and 11, respectively, are not your ordinary kids. The oldest of the two already has a degree in physics with minor in Mandarin Chinese and math while the youngest plans to study Astrophysics and engineering.

Carson, at the very young age of 14, became the youngest student to ever graduate in Texas Christian University. His younger brother, Cannan, is not too far behind as he will also attend the same institution to study to become an astronaut.

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While this may sound very impressive, their mother, Claretta Kimp, says that the brothers are very much like other kids when at home.

They laugh, wrestle, play together, hold the door for women, and pretty much what any other little boys do with their brothers – except for fighting.

My boys have more social skills than most adults. They are just normal little boys who do normal little boy things,” she said while speaking with The Washington Post.

Carson began to show his exceptional academic skills even before he started walking. According to Kimp, who studied early education and business at Southern Illinois University, the eldest of the two would often play blocks in the spare bedroom that they’ve converted into a classroom.

Screenshot via YouTube / The Dallas Morning News

Kimp then created a set of school day for Carson to attend everyday from 9 a.m. to noon, but since he is always excited to learn, he blew through all of the curriculum that his mother planned for him in just an hour.

Then by the age of 2, Carson was already reading books by chapter and showed interest in learning calculus by 3. His home-schooling continued until he was 5 and was learning at a very fast pace – pretty much the same as an eighth grade level.

After that, Kimp found a private Christian school for Carson to attend where he graduated five years later as co-valedictorian. The search for another school where we would attend college began soon after that.

This is when they eventually found TCU. Carson told his mother that the university, which is located in Fort Worth, Texas, “felt right.”

Screenshot via YouTube / The Dallas Morning News

Cannan, meanwhile, took a more traditional route in his academics where he attended kindergarten with kids his own age. However, things became boring to the kid genius by second grade; he asked his mother to be home-schooled, the same as his older brother.

The youngest of the two then enrolled at the same private school as Carson where he got into a research project with a TCU astronomy professor.

For some, this is a way of how someone gauges success in parenting, but for Kimp, she measures it differently. She felt satisfied when she heard the brothers treat each other with so much care when Cannan accidentally thumped Carson in the arm while playing with a “Star Wars” lightsaber.

Oh, I’m so sorry,” Kimp heard the youngest sibling said. “Let me rub it for you.” That is when she realized she did a fine job raising them.

She immediately thought to herself, “Okay, yeah, I’ve done a good job.”

Feature Image (left) via YouTube/TCU, (right) via YouTube/TCU Magazine
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