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Teen denied bail in attempted murder of Chicago Chinatown chef

  • Termaine Patterson, 18, has been charged with eight felonies in connection with a brutal carjacking in Chicago’s Chinatown on April 7.
  • Jin Lew, 61, a prominent chef in the neighborhood, was robbed, beaten and “left for dead” in the vicious attack near 25th Place and South Princeton.
  • Chicago police also arrested a juvenile who was found in possession of Lew’s vehicle but not involved in the assault.
  • Patterson, whose charges include attempted murder in the first degree, was denied bail on Saturday.
  • Police are still looking for three other suspects who remain unidentified as of press time.

An 18-year-old man charged for allegedly beating a Chinese American man into a coma in Chicago’s Chinatown back in April has been denied bail.

Termaine Patterson, who was arrested last week and subsequently charged with eight felonies, including first-degree attempted murder, is believed to be one of four assailants involved in the violent carjacking that occurred near 25th Place and South Princeton on the morning of April 7.

Elderly Korean man beaten inside his Brooklyn deli by customer who refused to pay

korean grandfather attacked
  • Ki Tae Lee, a 66-year-old Korean Deli owner from Flatbush, Brooklyn, was attacked in his store by a customer who refused to pay.
  • While no arrests have been made, the incident is being investigated as a felony assault and has yet to be confirmed as an anti-Asian hate crime.

A 66-year-old Korean Deli owner from Flatbush, Brooklyn, was beaten inside his store by a customer who refused to pay on Saturday morning.

The attack on the owner, Ki Tae Lee, was caught on surveillance camera and is currently being investigated as a possible anti-Asian hate crime. 

Student Uses Snapchat Filter to Catfish Pedophile Looking for Teen Girls on Tinder

snapchat filter

A 20-year-old San Francisco Bay Area college student named Ethan used Snapchat’s ‘gender switch’ filter to pose as a woman on Tinder and caught a San Mateo police officer allegedly wanting to hook up.

The student went by the name of a 16-year-old female named “Esther” and said he had a female friend who was molested as a child. Seemingly moved by her story, he wanted to catch possible pedophiles.