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FedEx driver who refused to deliver to houses that support Biden, Harris or BLM no longer employed

FedEx driver gets fired

Vincent Paterno, the FedEx driver who posted a profanity-ridden video on TikTok vowing to never deliver items to people who support Black Lives Matter, Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, is now jobless.

What happened: In a TikTok video that was uploaded on Sept. 16, Paterno, 39, is seen sitting inside what seems to be a FedEx delivery truck while wearing his uniform. The man then proceeds to condemn people who show support to the BLM movement and the Biden-Harris administration.

Man Orders a Kindle Online, FedEx Accidently Sends Him Something Disgusting Instead

It can be upsetting to a customer when they receive something other than what they ordered in the mail. James Potten, 37, of Bristol, England, sure knows what that feels like.

Potten thought the Kindle e-reader he ordered online had arrived in a package dropped off at his specified address. The box that was delivered on Thursday contained a human tumor instead.