Robber Dressed as FedEx Worker Ties Up Family, Takes $130,000 Worth of Cash and Jewelry

Robber Dressed as FedEx Worker Ties Up Family, Takes $130,000 Worth of Cash and JewelryRobber Dressed as FedEx Worker Ties Up Family, Takes $130,000 Worth of Cash and Jewelry
A group of thieves, with one of them posing as a fake FedEx deliveryman, was captured on home surveillance breaking inside a house in Brooklyn, New York, and stole around $130,000 in cash and jewelries.
The incident happened on Monday when the thieves entered a Bay Ridge home at around 3 p.m., according to law enforcement sources via New York Post.
The thieves tied up three residents of the house, which police describes as a 36-year-old woman and her parents, 75-year-old woman and 81-year-old man, police told News 4.
They stole $50,000 in cash and $80,000 worth in jewelry.
In the video that was first posted on the Chinese social media app WeChat and was later shared on Reddit, a man posing as a fake FedEx deliveryman approached the house to hand over a fake delivery.
screenshot via YouTube / zidyboby
Minutes later, another man dressed in a blue shirt, cap, and backpack suddenly appears and charges inside the residence. Home surveillance in the living room captured the horrifying moment as the two men taped the hands, feet, and mouths of the three residents.
screenshot via YouTube / zidyboby
The second thief pushed what seems to be a black safe towards the woman, and once the safe was cracked open, the suspect immediately took the safe out of the view.
The man dressed as a fake FedEx employee can be heard telling his accomplice, “Tell me when you’re there,” before taking out a two-way radio to speak to the person on the other line in Spanish.
After the men got out and drove away, the female victim desperately hops to the front door before coming back to the living room. The entire incident took less than 10 minutes.
screenshot via YouTube / zidyboby
A neighbor of the victims spoke to News 4 and said he heard a noise coming from inside the house and tried to chase the suspects riding a blue Jeep.
“I look around, I came around here and there’s this guy coming out of this door, pushing a big black box,” the neighbor, Gary Baxter, told News 4. “I observed – it’s a safe. He actually pushed a safe down the driveway!”
Meanwhile, FedEx has released a statement and expressed their cooperation with local enforcement to “determine the facts.”
“This report is deeply disturbing and we extend our sympathies to the family affected,” the company said.
Images screenshot via YouTube / zidyboby
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