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Man stole more than $23,000 from his ex-girlfriend by using her phone’s facial recognition

Phone Facial Recognition Theft

A 28-year-old man, identified only as Huang, manipulated the technology on his ex-girlfriend’s phone to steal 150,000 yuan (nearly $23,600), which he needed to repay gambling debts.

Court documents show that Huang, from the city of Nanning in southern China, manipulated two security features to steal the money: fingerprint and facial recognition technology, according to The Times.

Chinese Citizens Will Now Have to Scan Their Faces To Use the Internet

China has taken its internet censorship one step further by releasing a new regulation requiring its citizens to pass a facial recognition test before they can have their internet installed or buy a new phone.

According to Daily Mail, this new law, which will take effect starting December 1, will require those who’d like to subscribe to an internet plan to get their faces scanned by Chinese authorities to prove their identity.

Misogynist Creates Program That Outs Women in Porn and Links to Their Social Media

An unidentified Weibo user has alarmed the internet after announcing that he had created a program cross-referencing women’s faces on adult platforms against profile pictures on mainstream social media.

The user, who claimed to be living in Germany, said that he had “successfully identified over 100,000 young ladies” in porn “on a global scale,” Vice reported.

Roommates Steal $1,800 From Man By Unlocking His Phone Using Facial Recognition

A Chinese man had his savings stolen by sneaky thieves who used the facial recognition technology on his phone to unlock it while he was sleeping.

The man, only identified as Yuan from Zhejiang province, China was taking a nap when the thieves used his phone’s facial recognition system to unlock his phone. After waking up, he was shocked to find out that all of his money, 12,000 yuan ($1,800), was missing.

‘Jaywalker’ Caught By China’s Facial Recognition AI Turns Out to Be a Bus Ad

china facial recognition

China doesn’t shy away publicly shaming citizens who commit traffic violations using its facial recognition artificial intelligence (AI) software on thousands of CCTV across the country.

China’s surveillance cameras suffered a glitch in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, when one of the street cameras captured a jaywalker at an intersection in Jiangxia Bridge East, according to Abacus News.

China’s ‘Harvard’ Installs Facial Recognition System to Track People Who Come on Campus

China’s controversial facial recognition system is now being used in some schools around the country, with Beijing’s top university doing its trial run on Wednesday.

Peking University, known as “China’s Harvard,” recently installed a high tech camera on its southwestern gate where students and staff need only to have their face scanned instead of showing their ID cards to security guards before entering the campus.