Chinese Citizens Will Now Have to Scan Their Faces To Use the Internet

Chinese Citizens Will Now Have to Scan Their Faces To Use the Internet
Bryan Ke
October 3, 2019
China has taken its internet censorship one step further by releasing a new regulation requiring its citizens to pass a facial recognition test before they can have their internet installed or buy a new phone.
According to Daily Mail, this new law, which will take effect starting December 1, will require those who’d like to subscribe to an internet plan to get their faces scanned by Chinese authorities to prove their identity.
As part of the Chinese government’s social credit system, the new rule will help improve China’s internet security and combat terrorism, Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said.
However, once passed, the rule will prohibit citizens from selling their SIM cards second-hand to prevent unregistered users from making calls using the phone.
China has been increasing its efforts in installing surveillance cameras with facial recognition artificial intelligence technology in recent years. In 2017, the government installed over 20 million cameras equipped with the “world’s most advanced” AI tech.
The Chinese government has also moved its facial recognition tech into other establishments as well, including Beijing’s top university, vending machines, and fast food chains.
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