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Shanghai woman in lockdown has to have her double eyelid surgery sutures removed at her complex’s gate

  • A Shanghai woman waiting to have the sutures removed from a recent eyelid surgery found her residential complex unexpectedly under COVID-19 lockdown.
  • After concerns about a prolonged lockdown, she asked her doctor, named Zhou, for help: “Do you think I can postpone the time to remove the sutures? I feel they have been embedded in my flesh.”
  • The doctor told her that the sutures must be removed immediately and initially suggested that she ask someone in her complex to remove the stitches for her.
  • Zhou, the woman’s doctor, eventually decided to come to her and remove the stitches at the gate of her residential complex.

An unexpected lockdown forced a Chinese woman to have the stitches of her eyelid surgery removed at the gate of her residential complex.

The woman, whose name was withheld in media reports, underwent double eyelid surgery at a cosmetic medical institute in the middle of March.