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Hong Kong Misses Chance to Formally Withdraw Extradition Bill When Lawmakers Start Shouting Match

Carrie Lam

Hong Kong’s highly contested extradition bill, which triggered months of protests, could not be withdrawn formally as the Legislative Council session turned chaotic on Wednesday.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam was supposed to deliver her annual address in the city’s parliament, but forced to suspend it after being heckled by the opposition members of the legislative council, BBC reports.

Hong Kong Students Caught Studying During Massive Protests

Organizers have estimated nearly two million people to have participated in the mass protests taking place in Hong Kong against the controversial extradition bill.

Despite the videos showing massive crowds, the police have maintained that there were no more than 338,000 people present. If the organizers’ figures are confirmed, this would become the largest protest in Hong Kong’s history.