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Meet the 25-Year-Old USC Alumni Who Started the First Female-Led Millenial Venture Capital Firm

One 25-year-old is paving the way as a pioneering women in venture capital and entrepreneurship in the U.S. and Asia.

Pocket (Yiqing) Sun has accomplished much for someone her age having graced the cover of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in Venture Capital and Finance and becoming the youngest person in LinkedIn 2015 Top Voices in VC & Entrepreneurship

This Woman Turns Roadkill into Clothes She Sells For Up To $2,000

If you’re stuck between wanting to wear fur but not wanting to be responsible for an animal’s death, Petite Mort Fur might have the answer.

The Boston-based company, founded by Pamela Paquin two years ago, sells fashion made from roadkill, or “accidental fur,” as she calls it, reports the Associated Press. Paquin believes her company is offering a win-win alternative to customers who like the look or feel of fur but don’t want to support fur industry practices.

There’s Something Awesome About Hong Kong’s Female Entrepreneurs Compared to the West’s

Female entrepreneurs in Hong Kong are wealthier than their male counterparts, according to new data.

HSBC Private Bank conducted an online survey of over 2,800 respondents from 10 different countries who had earned more than $1 million from past or present businesses. The average female entrepreneur in Hong Kong was found to have an average net worth of $3.7 million and their male counterparts an average net worth of $3.3 million, reports the South China Morning Post.

Science Finds Further Proof That Entrepreneurs Are Born, Not Made

In the most authoritative study to date on the matter, geneticists have determined that “37 to 48 percent of the tendency to be an entrepreneur is genetic,” according to a report on Inc.

The study comes from The Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology at Kings College in London. Researchers observed a pool of people, including identical and fraternal twins, and studied their behavioral and molecular genetics to identify traits that are attributed to entrepreneurship.