For $100, This Company Will Show You the Right Way to Smoke Weed

For $100, This Company Will Show You the Right Way to Smoke WeedFor $100, This Company Will Show You the Right Way to Smoke Weed
Editorial Staff
December 10, 2015
For about $100, a new company in Washington, D.C. will give you a class on how to smoke marijuana.
The month-old D.C. School of Mary Jane aims to rid its clients’ misconceptions about marijuana that have been informed by “decades upon decades of misinformation and stigma tied to marijuana,” the company’s founder, Ryan, told Borderstan.
The former school teacher said he spent between four and five months doing extensive research on weed and “drawing from [his] own personal body of experience” to develop his educational presentation.
“When I started using marijuana recreationally about six or seven years ago… I didn’t know what I was putting in my body. It took years of traveling the country and abroad, years of experimentation, some of it costly, and not all of it pleasant,” Ryan told Borderstan. “I want to make a shortcut for people that I didn’t have and sidestep the mistakes that they may make, the unpleasant trips and the misinformation.”
Booking a class with Ryan and a co-instructor costs $100 and will have the pair travel to your D.C. home with pipe and presentation in hand — the marijuana is not provided. Up to four people can be taught how to safely smoke, eat or vape weed. Students will also be given recommendations on how to get a hold of cannabis.
“The class is to say, this is what’s going on,” Ryan said. “This is what you’re putting into your body this is what it’s doing, and that this is a safe recreational drug to use.”
According to Ryan, the response to his new business has been positive and his inbox is “swamped every day with questions.”
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