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Ken Watanabe stars in upcoming HBO Japanese crime drama series ‘Tokyo Vice’ with Ansel Elgort

  • Japanese actor Ken Watanabe, known for his roles in "The Last Samurai," "Memoirs of a Geisha" and “Inception,” stars in Michael Mann's upcoming "Tokyo Vice."
  • Ken Watanabe plays the role of an organized crime detective in a neon-drenched Tokyo, Japan.
  • The television show, based on American journalist Jake Adelstein's memoir of the same name, has garnered mass attention due to its acclaimed participants both behind and on screen.

Academy Award-nominated actor Ken Watanabe stars in Michael Mann’s upcoming Japanese crime drama series “Tokyo Vice.” 

“Tokyo Vice,” set to premiere April 7, is a heavily anticipated television series by executive producer Michael Mann and award-winning playwright J.T. Rogers. Starring Ansel Elgort, Rachel Keller and Watanabe, the series has garnered attention for its well-known cast. Based on the memoir by American journalist Jake Adelstein, the 10-part television series is produced by HBO Max.

Kris Wu is Legit, But This Ariana Grande ‘Drama’ Never Was

Certain stories write themselves too easily. When Kris Wu took up six of the top seven spots on iTunes’ U.S. charts after releasing his debut solo studio album, leaving Ariana Grande’s viral single “Thank U, Next” at fourth, accusations of foul play ran amok on Twitter. Wu quickly dropped from iTunes rankings afterwards. Grande herself ended up liking a tweet which insinuated Wu’s U.S. chart success was the result of bots.

What if I told you the Chinese-American War began not from Trump-fueled trade disputes or the governance of Taiwan, but rather from Kris Wu’s “Antares” album? In a period of high blood pressure and immense, often understandable sensitivity, the mere appearance of a beef, a semblance of disrespect towards one of China’s biggest stars from one of America’s biggest stars, was enough to conjure tweets like these:

Legendary Hong Kong Director Seeks Chinese American Actors For Lead Role in Amazon’s ‘Tong Wars’

Amazon is now searching for Chinese American actors for its upcoming series “Tong Wars”, a historical crime drama which focuses on the gang wars between Chinese criminal organizations of 19th century San Francisco.

Renowned Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar Wai (“In the Mood for Love”, “The Grandmaster”) is set to direct the series written by Paul Attanasio (“The Sum of All Fears”, “The Good German”). 

China’s ‘Sex and the City’ is Tackling Relationship Issues Our Parents Never Taught Us

A popular modern Chinese drama has received great praise from its viewers for tackling topics that are traditionally viewed as taboo in Chinese television.

Ode to Joy,” dubbed as China’s “Sex and the City” by viewers, is now being planned for another season run. As reported on Asian Crush, the show still continues to tackle several issues about female sexuality and serves up plots that involve workplace challenges as well as relationship problems.