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Restaurant that employs disabled workers posts pictures of empty tables online in plea for help

Dignity Kitchen receives support

On Tuesday, diners from all walks of life flocked to Dignity Kitchen, an eatery in Boon Keng, Singapore, to show their support as the business struggles to attract diners amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Call for help: Dignity Kitchen, a restaurant which aims to employ people with disabilities, posted a series of pictures showing their empty food court on Monday, according to AsiaOne. “Once again empty tables at Dignity Kitchen,” the establishment said in the caption.

Woman with Dwarfism Regains Confidence Through Cosplaying

While some people may take up cosplaying as a hobby or to express their artistic side, others join the lifestyle as a way to regain their confidence, like artist and gamer Asta Young.

Standing at just 4’5″, Young, a 25-year-old cosplayer from Arizona, had a pretty rough experience growing up, as she was always made to feel different by people around her — particularly by her peers from school.

Man in a Wheelchair Travels Around Japan By Heartwarming Strangers

Helpush Story

Yusuke Terada, a 27-year-old office worker and Tokyo resident bound to a wheelchair, is now seeing more of his country after launching a campaign called “Helpush” with his university classmates. The project’s goal is to see Terada travel through the country with the assistance of good Samaritans who push him along his journey, fostering “a society where people readily help one another” according to the Japan Times.

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Blind Asian Man Kicked Out of Subway Because Of His Guide Dog

A Subway sandwich outlet in New York has issued an apology after it received criticism for reportedly turning away a blind customer just because he brought his guide dog.

The customer, a local musician named Milton Kuna, told NBC NY that he was with his seeing-eye dog Nash when he visited the sandwich restaurant’s shop on North Main Street in New City, New York on Monday night. He claimed that he was turned away by the store’s staff who told him that dogs of any kind weren’t allowed.