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Woman Films Her Cab Driver Masturbating For Evidence in China, Gets Thrown in Jail

A woman in China got herself arrested for taking a video of her taxi driver who sexually harassed her by masturbating in front of her.

The woman, surnamed Wang, filmed the obscene act being performed in front of her so she could use the footage as evidence against the offender. However, China’s anti-pornography laws were used against her instead, leading to her arrest, reports Sixth Tone.

Uber Surrenders Operations in China to Didi Chuxing for $1 Billion

The two dominant ride-hailing app rivals in China have joined forces to create an even more formidable company.

Didi Chuxing, a domestic ride-hailing service leader in China, is acquiring Uber’s operations in China. According to sources who told Bloomberg, the company’s valuation after the deal will be an estimated $35 billion. Didi stated that it will be buying Uber’s brand, business and data in the country for $1 billion.