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Netflix taps ‘Stranger Things’ creators to develop new ‘Death Note’ live-action series

  • Netflix has tapped “Stranger Things” creators Matt and Ross Duffer, together known as the Duffer Brothers, to create a live-action adaptation of the hit anime and manga series “Death Note.”
  • The "Stranger Things" creators will develop “Death Note” and several other projects under their new production company Upside Down Pictures as part of their multi-year deal with Netflix.
  • Written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, the manga series follows the story of Light Yagami, a teenager who acquires immense power through a mysterious notebook that allows him to kill anyone by writing their name on its pages.
  • Netflix’s 2017 live-action adaptation of “Death Note” was poorly received by viewers, with some critics calling the film a “whitewashed waste of time.”
  • Other projects that the Duffer Brothers will work on include a “Stranger Things” spin-off and a series adaptation of Stephen King and Peter Straub‘s 1984 novel “The Talisman.”

Netflix has tapped “Stranger Things” creators Matt and Ross Duffer, together known as the Duffer Brothers, to develop a live-action adaptation of the hit anime and manga series “Death Note.”

In an announcement on Wednesday, the Duffer Brothers unveiled their new production company Upside Down Pictures, according to Deadline. The “Stranger Things” creators will be developing a variety of projects under their company, including “Death Note,” as part of their multi-year deal with Netflix.

Taiwanese Student Totally Nails Ryuk from ‘Death Note’ for Halloween

Last year, Momo, the 2-year-old kindergartner from Kaosiung, Taiwan, gave everyone cuteness overload when she dressed up as No Face from Studio Ghibli’s “Spirited Away” for Halloween.

She went as a different character this year – Death God (Shinigami) Ryuk from “Death Note”. But she didn’t go it alone; instead, she was accompanied by her little sister Miemie, who dressed up as none other than the eccentric detective L from the beloved series. Building upon last year’s success, the two continued to melt everyone’s heart both online and in real life, SoraNews24 reported.

J.J. Abrams is Remaking Beloved Anime ‘Your Name’ and Fans are Extremely Worried

Paramount Pictures, along with Hollywood director J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions, officially announced the plans to create a live-action adaptation of “Your Name”. Anime fans clearly did not like the news thinking it may become another “Death Note” disaster.

Bad Robot Productions and Paramount Pictures made the announcement for the live-action plan of “Your Name” on Wednesday (Sept. 27), according to Variety. On its joint announcement, the two companies said they will be working with the original producers of the hit anime movie, Toho Co., Ltd., who will also take care of film distribution in Japan.

‘Death Note’ Actor Doesn’t Believe Netflix Film is Whitewashed

Despite all the controversy, Lakeith Stanfield, the actor playing eccentric detective L in Netflix’s “Death Note,” is not at all convinced that the movie is whitewashed as what some critics claimed.

Stanfield, in his talk with The Verge, has answered several questions regarding “Death Note”. One of the topics he talked about is the controversial issue of whitewashing in the film.

Early Review of Netflix’s ‘Death Note’ Confirms It’s a ‘Whitewashed Waste of Time’

The early reviews for Netflix’s “Death Note” are finally out, and suffice to say, critics were not entirely happy with how the movie turned out.

Not many people agreed with the decision to whitewash “Death Note”, and this is made apparent in several reviews that have been published online. David Ehrlich of Indiewire called the film, which is directed by Adam Wingard, a “whitewashed waste of time.”

‘Death Note’ Producer Clears Up Comments on Asian Actors Who Couldn’t ‘Speak Perfect English’

Japanese producer and actor Masi Oka has stressed that the live-action remake of “Death Note”, slated for release on Netflix in August, will have “a lot of core principles” despite the fact that almost no Asian actor is part of the cast.

Responding to allegations of whitewashing, Oka previously explained that the film’s casting directors “did an extensive search to get Asian actors” but simply “couldn’t find the right person.”

Netflix’s ‘Death Note’ Was Whitewashed Because Asian Actors Couldn’t ‘Speak Perfect English’

Reacting to accusations of whitewashing, one of the producers of Netflix’s “Death Note” remake claimed that the roles actually could have gone to Asian actors. This didn’t happen, however, because apparently, the casting team couldn’t find an Asian actor who can speak perfect English.”

“Death Note” producer Masayori “Masi” Oka, who is also popularly known for his role at Hiro Nakamura in the NBC show “Heroes”, explained to EW the challenges they encountered during casting.

Twitter Can’t Help But Notice How White Netflix’s ‘Death Note’ Trailer Is

“Shall we begin?” Netflix asked when it dropped the trailer for “Death Note” on Wednesday, but the Twitterati wanted to first discuss how white some of the main cast is.

Coming from “The Guest” and “Blair Witch” director Adam Wingard, the live-action adaptation of the popular manga and anime series follows the same premise, in which a schoolboy discovers a supernatural notebook that will kill anyone whose name is written in it.