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Thai Model Blasts British Pick-Up Artist for Secretly Filming a YouTube Video of Her

A Thai model is exposing an ex-pat pick-up artist after he filmed their encounter without her permission to use on his YouTube and Patreon channels.

Sawitree “Sky” Paotadaeng, 29, is a pharmacist and freelance model who was shopping at the Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok when a man who identifies himself as Nicholas Coakley, a balding British pick-up artist living in Asia, approached her attempting to hit on her and get her contact information.

Jealous Vietnamese Man Beats His Co-Worker After She Flirts With a White Guy

David Bond is notoriously known on the internet for being a playboy who travels all over Asia picking up girls and filming it on camera. However, earlier today he posted a YouTube video during his trip to Vietnam that’s quite disturbing.

In the video, which is filmed in Ho Chi Minh City, Bond reunites with a woman he met in 2014. As he tries to take down her contact information, her co-worker appears in the background and doesn’t seem pleased.

White Guy Travels Around the World Picking Up Asian Women, Films It

David Bond, the American pickup artist infamous for exploiting Asian women around the world and then teaching other men to do it for money, is back with his latest video compilation showing all the women in all the different countries he’s allegedly picked up.

Armed with a GoPro camera, Bond approaches women of all types with shameless efficiency in Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong.