Notorious Sex Tourist Releases New Video Picking Up Women in South Korea

Notorious Sex Tourist Releases New Video Picking Up Women in South Korea
Ryan General
By Ryan General
August 30, 2018
After harassing women in Thailand and Taiwan, the allegedly British sex tourist who goes by Explorer Nick is now apparently chasing random women in the streets of South Korea.
The man, who appears to be a disciple of David Campbell, aka “David Bond,” has been identified as Nick Coakley.
In his older videos, Nick is shown targeting mostly unwilling victims from Asia who somehow still end up showcased in his YouTube channel.
On Wednesday, a cringey new video about his first day in South Korea was uploaded on his channel.
Taking pride in creepily approaching strangers to score some contact information, the balding “explorer” wrote: “My first day in Korea these girls are so nice and friendly, I found them pretty easy to talk to and they’re up for exchanging the infamous kako details… Nice one!”
“Do you have a boyfriend now? Can I be your boyfriend?” he tells one confused woman. “It’s okay I’m White. See I have white skin?”
In his other attempt, Coakley crashed a couple’s space and tried to get a woman’s Kakaotalk details.
His new website called “Korean Girls Easy” purportedly shows footage from his dates that claims is “too crazy” for YouTube.
He made a similar website about Taiwanese women a few months back and later made a fake apology video about.
“I have been racist. I have been insulting towards women. I have been a bad person here, and Taiwan was nice to me,” he said in the video which he appears to have made after receiving threats from angry locals.
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