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Jack Ma Wants Employees to Have Sex 6 Times in 6 Days

A month after making it clear that he only wants employees who can work 12 hours a day, six days a week, Alibaba chairman Jack Ma is now encouraging married ones — especially newlyweds — to also work hard between the sheets.

Presiding at a ceremony for the company’s 15th “Ali Day” on Friday, the Chinese e-commerce magnate defended the “996” work culture once more but endorsed “669” for his employees’ personal lives.

NYC Photographer Captures The Beautiful Intimacy of Asian Couples

asian couples

Love, romance and intimacy — these are subject matters Hollywood doesn’t always associate with Asians. This lack of representation and perpetual stereotyping has provided Asians growing up in western countries with very little relatable content.

Photographer and director, An Rong Xu is filling that void for Asian Americans like himself through his project, “New Romantics.” The Chinese-born, New York-raised artist took to the streets of South Korea, Taiwan and China to capture raw, unadulterated moments between Asians to share the beauty in emotional intimacy and everyday moments.

Singaporean Couple Meets Online Playing Diablo, Gets Badass Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Alvin Lau was a Crusader when he met Alexis Loo, a Demon Hunter, in the exciting world of the role-playing video game Diablo III. The two Diablo gamers would eventually become friends and shortly after, a married couple, Kotaku reported.

Last year, just before the pair got married, they celebrated their game-ignited romance with a pre-wedding photoshoot in a true Diablo-esque fashion.