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International Students Allegedly Scammed Apple Out of Almost $1 Million With Chinese ‘iPhones’


Two college students from Oregon are facing a criminal complaint from Apple after allegedly using thousands of counterfeit iPhones from China to cheat the company out of nearly $1 million.

Zhou Yangyang and Jiang Quan are accused of sending the company fake devices to be replaced with brand-new genuine models, South China Morning Post reports.

Chinese Police Bust Gang With Over $7 Million Worth of Fake Condoms

fake condoms

A gang in China has been arrested by local authorities for manufacturing and selling fake condoms.
Cangnan police, which spearheaded the investigation and raid, seized over 500,000 boxes of the fake condom merchandise valued at 50 million yuan ($7 Million).

According to state media, the condoms were sold to hotels, supermarkets, and vending machine operators in central and eastern China under the label of international brands such as Durex and Okamoto.

Video of Chinese Factory Making Budweiser Beer is Seriously Disgusting

Videos featuring a small factory in China producing fake beer are now making the rounds on Chinese social media and it’s grossing everybody out.

The clips, which are earning collective expressions of disgust among netizens, showed counterfeit beer being siphoned into used Budweiser cans in a process that has a complete disregard for hygiene and care for consumers.

Hong Kong Seizes $1.2 Million Worth of Fake Products at Popular Street Market

Hong Kong customs officials rounded up 10 suspected members of a counterfeit syndicate and seized HKD $10 million ($1.28 million) worth of fake products on Thursday at the city’s Ladies Market in Mong Kok.

The bust on the busy Tung Choi Street, which aims to shut down the largest illegal group that takes advantage of tourists, was the third operation by the Customs and Excise Department in the area this year. The bureau describes the seizure of fake watches, handbags and leather goods as the largest haul in a single operation in recent years, South China Morning Post reported.