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Can You Find the Cat in This Photo Full of Owls? Tons of People Are Having Trouble

Can you tell the difference between owls and a cat? You might be surprised then by how hard it is spot the cat amongst a group of owls in a new viral illustration.

The illustration was drawn by Budapest-based artist Gergely “Dudolf” Dudás and is a follow-up to another illustration he shared earlier this month that had netizens pulling out their magnifying glasses to find a panda hidden amongst snowmen. That illustration has since been shared over 182,000 times on Facebook.

Family Takes the Same Photo For 24 Years to Show the Miracle of Growth

Back in 1991, London-based photographer Zed Nelson had a cool idea for a photo project he calls “The Family.” He wrote on his website:

“I began this project twenty-two years ago. The wife of a friend was nine months pregnant, and I had an idea – based on time-lapse photography – to photograph them together, on the same day every year, forever. I planned the shoots in a formal, almost scientific way. Every year, at the same time, against the same backdrop, under the same lighting. This way there are no distractions, only the miracle of growth and the changes of time and age.”

Why This Woman Left a Successful Fashion Career to Build Sustainable Homes in Bali

Elora Hardy is the daughter of John Hardy, a successful jewelry designer from Canada. She was raised in Bali, Indonesia and spent 14 years of her life growing up in the United States. After receiving a degree in fine arts, she went to New York City and carved out a successful career in the fashion industry.

In 2010, Hardy quit her job to pursue something she has always had a passion for: building sustainable structures out of bamboo. She returned to her hometown of Bali to do just that.

These Signatures of Famous Tech Entrepreneurs Reveal A Lot About Their Personalities

According to graphologists — those that analyze handwriting in the belief that they can discern a person’s traits and characteristics from it — a person’s signature can disclose a lot about who they are and how they want the world to perceive them.

In a show of appreciation for the dying art of the handwritten signature, Myprint247 analyzed the signatures of 25 prominent tech entrepreneurs, including Apple CEO Tim Cook and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, in order to create a rather interesting infographic.