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Malaysian gynecologist develops ‘world’s first unisex condom’

unisex condom malaysia gynecologist

A Malaysian gynecologist has officially unveiled what he dubbed as “the world’s first unisex condom,” made from materials used to dress wounds and which can be worn by males and females externally and internally.

Innovative contraceptive: In an explanation to Reuters, John Tang Ing Chinh, a gynecologist from Twin Catalyst in Malaysia and the inventor of Wondaleaf, said the product is a regular condom with an adhesive covering on one side that can be attached to the vagina and penis.

Chinese Police Bust Gang With Over $7 Million Worth of Fake Condoms

fake condoms

A gang in China has been arrested by local authorities for manufacturing and selling fake condoms.
Cangnan police, which spearheaded the investigation and raid, seized over 500,000 boxes of the fake condom merchandise valued at 50 million yuan ($7 Million).

According to state media, the condoms were sold to hotels, supermarkets, and vending machine operators in central and eastern China under the label of international brands such as Durex and Okamoto.

Nesi Lemak-Flavored Condoms Are Coming to Malaysia

A Malaysian company is about to release another weird flavored condom to the market — a main course meal-inspired flavor that originated in Malaysia, called nasi lemak.

Karex, the industry giant which claims to be the largest condom manufacturer in the world, is planning to release a limited-edition chili nasi lemak flavored condom on the market sometime between November and December, according to AFP via Channel NewsAsia.