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Colombian Man Makes Japanese People Humiliate Themselves After Colombia’s World Cup Loss

A Colombian soccer fan recently subjected Japanese fans to public humiliation right after the Japanese soccer team defeated the Colombian club 2–1 in their World Cup match last Tuesday.

The man, identified as 40-year-old Guillermo Morales, apparently deceived some fans to look stupid on camera, including one woman to say “I’m a whore” in Spanish.

Colombian Soccer Player Punished With Only 5-Game Ban for Racist ‘Slant Eyes’

Controversial midfielder for the Colombian national team, Edwin Cardona, received a five-game ban as punishment for the racist “slant eyes” gesture he made during a friendly match with South Korea earlier in November.

On top of the five-game ban, Cardona also has to pay a 20,000 Swiss Franc ($20,201) fine, according to a statement FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) released on Tuesday.

Colombian TV Show Deliberately Mocks Asian People with Incredibly Racist Segment

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, a Colombian television show deliberately mocked the controversial racist incident that happened during a friendly match of football between Colombia and South Korea last week.

“La Kalle”, the Colombian TV show in question, discussed what occurred in the match after the racist incident was noticed by the media.

Colombia Soccer Player Offers Scripted Apology for Racist ‘Slant Eyes’ During Match in South Korea

Colombia football player Edwin Cardona, who is currently the midfielder of Boca Juniors in Argentina, has offered an apology to the gesture he made during a friendly match with South Korea on November 10 at Suwon World Cup Stadium in Seoul.

I didn’t mean to disrespect anyone, a country or a race, but if anyone felt offended, or interpreted it in that way, I am sorry,” Cardona said through a video posted in the team’s Twitter account, as reported by Associated Press.

Colombian Soccer Player Mocks South Korea With Racist Slant Eyes After Players Collide

Colombian soccer player Edwin Cardona has netizens outraged for the racist gesture he made towards his South Korean opponents during a friendly match between the two teams on Friday.

The incident occurred after an apparent foul between James Rodriguez and Kim Jin-Su; as Kim writhed on the ground, seemingly in pain, James (who commonly goes by his first name) attempted to pull Kim to his feet to resume the match. At this point, Kim’s teammate, Ki Sung-Yueng, caught up to the two players and shoved James to the ground.