Colombian Man Makes Japanese People Humiliate Themselves After Colombia’s World Cup Loss

Colombian Man Makes Japanese People Humiliate Themselves After Colombia’s World Cup LossColombian Man Makes Japanese People Humiliate Themselves After Colombia’s World Cup Loss
A Colombian soccer fan recently subjected Japanese fans to public humiliation right after the Japanese soccer team defeated the Colombian club 2–1 in their World Cup match last Tuesday.
The man, identified as 40-year-old Guillermo Morales, apparently deceived some fans to look stupid on camera, including one woman to say “I’m a whore” in Spanish.
Recorded outside the Mordovia Arena, the stadium where the match took place in Russia, the videos showed Morales recording himself encouraging his victims to repeat demeaning Spanish words after him.
In one clip, he first made one woman repeat “Yo soy perra,” which is Spanish for “I am a bitch,” before telling her to say “mas puta,” which translates to “very slutty.”
The same man can be seen in another video telling two Japanese men to say “yo soy cachorro,” which translates to “I am a puppy/dog” a phrase locally used to describe a guy who sleeps around.
When his videos went viral on social media, netizens collectively criticized him, calling his act an embarrassment to other Colombians.
Here are some of the comments as translated by Buzzfeed:
“This is a true shame. Hopefully, the Embassy of Japan in Colombia will demand from the government the identity of this citizen who went to misbehave in Russia. The world is going to see the rot that there is in these mortals.”
“Foreign embarrassment, and later they ask us why in other countries they see us as a plague.”
“What filth and the Japanese are the most educated and respectful in the world. Their highest virtue is trust. So much confidence in this scum.”
The collective outrage even reached Colombia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs which also condemn the act.
In a series of tweets, the Colombian ministry berated the action, saying that it “does not represent our culture, our language, and our race.”
It also noted that such behavior “not only degrades the woman, but insults other cultures, our language, and our country.”
After news of the outrage came out, Colombian netizens started tweeting their apologies on behalf of their erring compatriot.
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The man would later claim in an interview with local media that his actions were merely caused by his “frustration and mixed feelings” after the loss of Colombian team, noting that he “did not intend to offend or take advantage of the women.”
Morales claimed that he had sent the videos to his friends as a joke without knowing that they would be shared online. He also apologized to his victims and all Japanese people.
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