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Filipino Artist Makes Special ‘Flip-Flop’ Hulk Figurine For Mark Ruffalo

Elmer Padilla, the Filipino artist who turns used and discarded flip flops into works of art, received a wonderful shout out from “Thor: Ragnarok” star Mark Ruffalo for his Hulk tsinelas.

Ruffalo posted the picture on his Facebook account on Saturday, Oct. 21, posing with his new miniature Marvel character that Padilla made especially for him, according to Rappler.

Boy Scout Returns Chris Hemsworth’s Lost Wallet, Receives $10,000 Reward

While some wouldn’t even flinch at the thought of selling a lost iPhone for a few extra bucks, one teenager is being generously awarded for his good deed of returning a lost wallet.

Tristin Budzyn-Barker, 17, didn’t return just any ordinary wallet. The teen discovered a lonely wallet on a restaurant table that belonged to “Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth. Instead of keeping it for himself, Budzyn-Barker, who is also a Boy Scout, mailed it to the celebrity actor without pocketing any of it for himself.