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Meet the Woman Who Travels the World Just to Take ‘Bad’ Selfies

We all know the kinds of horrors that will come into our lives when an accidentally bad selfie go online on social media. But this has never been an issue for Michelle Liu, an Instagram user who has more than 19,000 followers. In fact, she purposefully take bad selfies on her travel and post it on social media, thus breaking the norm that we all have to have “good looking pictures” on the internet.

Liu, a travel-focused Instagram user, goes to different landmarks around the globe to do “chinfies” – it’s time to take the chin out because selfies are becoming too mainstream.

Chinese Woman Takes Her First Driving Test, Immediately Crashes Through a Wall

Book smarts don’t exactly translate to street smarts as this incident sure proves.

A young Chinese woman from Changsha recently ran her student driver car into a wall seconds after getting behind the wheel of a driving test. Though the young woman had aced the extensive written portion of the exam, she mistakenly confused her brake and accelerator moments after getting into the car with her examiner.