Chinese Woman Takes Her First Driving Test, Immediately Crashes Through a Wall

Book smarts don’t exactly translate to street smarts as this incident sure proves.
A young Chinese woman from Changsha recently ran her student driver car into a wall seconds after getting behind the wheel of a driving test. Though the young woman had aced the extensive written portion of the exam, she mistakenly confused her brake and accelerator moments after getting into the car with her examiner.
As a result, the car crashed head on into the school wall — totalling the vehicle. Neither the driver nor the passenger were injured during the accident, according to Shanghaiist.
Quite surprisingly, the school’s administration did not demand compensation from the student driver for the damages to the property. However, this meant she did fail the test.
The school sympathetically attributed the accident to a “lack of experience” and extended the young woman the opportunity to retake the test later on during the year.
China’s driving license exam is made up of a written and practical portion. The written part of the test is often daunting as it is made up of 100 questions out of a possible 1,000 pool of questions. Students must study arduously by memorizing the answers beforehand and are given a passing score only if they answer 90 or more out of the 100 correctly.
One man who flunked China’s written portion of the driving test three times revealed the difficulty of understanding the test on NPR. One translated “yes/no” question taken verbatim from the test asked:
“When theres [sic] a diversion traffic control on the expressway, a driver can stop by the side to wait instead of leaving out of the expressway, for continually running after the traffic control.”
The answer is no. A second question read:
“If a motorized vehicle driver has caused a major traffic accident in violation of the traffic regulations which has caused human death due to his escaping, the driver is subject to a prison term of 3 years to 7 years.”
The man commented as he reflected upon the question:
“The answer, it turns out, is ‘no.’ I eventually answered this correctly, but still have no idea what the actual prison term is.”
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