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Teen Chick-fil-A Employee Shares His Incredible Reason To Keep Working Despite Injury

When a customer at a fast-food outlet in Indianapolis saw one of the restaurant’s staff working behind its cash register wearing a neck brace and arm sling, he decided to take the worker’s photo and his story and share them on Facebook.

It turns out, the 18-year-old Chick-fil-A employee named Jakeem Tyler reported back to work just days after surviving a car accident. Tyler explained that he needed to work because, aside from personal needs, he also needed the money to feed the homeless for Christmas.

Chick-fil-A Owner Who Had to Shut Down Restaurant For Five Months Still Paid His Workers

A Chick-fil-A owner recently had to shut down his restaurant for five months due to renovations, but what he announced to his employees beforehand is what shocked them most of all.

Jeff Glover is the owner of a Chick-fil-A store in Austin, Texas that employs 50 employees. Normally, a store closing would mean that the workers are out of their jobs for that entire period, but Glover had other ideas.