Teen Chick-fil-A Employee Shares His Incredible Reason To Keep Working Despite Injury

Teen Chick-fil-A Employee Shares His Incredible Reason To Keep Working Despite Injury
Ryan General
December 16, 2016
When a customer at a fast-food outlet in Indianapolis saw one of the restaurant’s staff working behind its cash register wearing a neck brace and arm sling, he decided to take the worker’s photo and his story and share them on Facebook.
It turns out, the 18-year-old Chick-fil-A employee named Jakeem Tyler reported back to work just days after surviving a car accident. Tyler explained that he needed to work because, aside from personal needs, he also needed the money to feed the homeless for Christmas.
Impressed by the teenage worker’s sense of responsibility and work ethic, Diner Cameron Nelson posted Tyler’s story on Chick-fil-A’s Facebook page.
“We sneeze too hard and decide to call in, but he’s working like nothing’s wrong,” Nelson wrote in the caption of Tyler’s photo. The post, which has since gone viral, has received more than 14,000 shares.
He also created a GoFundMe page for Tyler, with a goal of US$2,500 to help him with his cause.
“I wanted to create this GoFundMe page to help him along in his mission and show some support,” Nelson wrote on the GoFundMe page.
The campaign has so far exceeded the target, raising more than $37,000. Tyler is set to use the money to buy food and supplies for Homeless Hoosiers, a local group that provides shelters to homeless people.
“I was working to use my own money to feed the homeless in the surrounding areas downtown, through various shelters,” the hardworking teen told the Huffington Post.
Chris Tincher, Tyler’s boss in Chick-fil-A, expressed pride towards his employee.
“Faith is very important to him,” he was quoted as saying. “They believe in giving back and serving others and it’s really part of his heart.”
He also clarified that Tyler had been cleared by his doctors as fit to work when he was photographed by Nelson.  
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