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Century-Old Japanese Company Creates Modern ‘Outdoor’ Kimonos You Can Go Camping In

A century-old Kimono maker and an outdoors apparel manufacturer have teamed up to create some awesome-looking outdoor Kimono outfits that are ready to take on the upcoming chilly months in Japan.

With fall just a few months away, Kimono Yamato and camping supply firm Snow Peak have unveiled their joint project which combines the aesthetics of traditional kimono and the practicality and functionality of modern jackets.

‘Camping With Dogs’ is the Instagram You Never Knew You Needed

Camping With Dogs is the go-to Instagram account to get your daily fix of cute canines and scenic nature landscapes. The #CampingWithDogs campaign is intended to encourage dog owners to take their best friend and companions on hikes and camping trips with them. Looking for more info on tent camping? Learn more from Techie Camper’s guides.

Created by Ryan Carter, the owner of a social media agency in Nashville, Tennessee, the Instagram account has gained over 71,000 followers and mentioned in over 43,000 hashtags. He told Yahoo! Travel that he has received approximately 50,000 photos since he launched the account in January of this year.