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Chinese man brutally beaten by mob of racist teens starts petition to Stop Asian Hate in Cambridge

Stop Asian Hate petition gets 1000 signatures

A Chinese Cambridge University alumnus has created a “Stop Asian Hate” petition after he was racially and physically attacked by a group of teenagers while grocery shopping in England.

Unprovoked assault: Zhang, 25, was out buying groceries at Co-op food shop on Sept. 18 when a group of around 10 teens allegedly began calling him racial slurs like “ch*nk” and telling him to “go back to your home country,” reported.

Cambridge Wants to Install Squat Toilets For Chinese Tourists

A new planning application has been submitted that would renovate a public restroom near a bus station in Cambridge, England to add squat toilets for Chinese tourists.

The proposed renovation will transform the Silver Street toilets in Cambridge near the Queen’s Road coach drop-off point and add four male urinals, three male cubicles, seven female cubicles, two gender neutral ones, and three new squat toilets, according to Cambridge-News.