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Burmese Doctor Loses Medical License for Posting ‘Sexy’ Photos on Instagram

A 29-year-old Burmese doctor, Nang Mwe San, was stripped of her medical license after sharing racy photos of herself on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

San became a physician at the age of 22 but reportedly always dreamt of becoming a “sexy model.” After years of working for various nonprofit medical groups and treating patients, San made the decision two years ago to stop practicing in order to pursue her modeling career more seriously.

Inside Chinese Brothels Where Burmese Women are Exploited to Entertain Businessmen

An Italian photographer spent two months in China investigating a thriving prostitution industry where Burmese women are forced by gangs to entertain rich businessmen

Despite the Chinese government’s supposedly aggressive crackdown on the “flesh” trade, prostitution has continued to proliferate in the country by simply hiding in plain sight. In many cases, the brothels often take the guise of karaoke bars, massage parlors, spas, and nightclubs.