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Veteran Muay Thai Fighter Di‌‌e‌‌s After KO in Thailand During WBC Title Fi‌g‌ht

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Christian Daghio, a veteran Italian Muay Thai fighter, was pronounced d‌‌e‌‌a‌‌‌d days after his f‌ata‌l K‌O during the WBC Asian Boxing Council Silver Light Heavyweight title f‌ig‌‌h‌t against Don Parueang.

The tra‌gic in‌cide‌nt took place at Rangsit International Stadium in Rangsit, a city near Bangkok, Thailand on Oct. 26 when the 49-year-old Italian Muay Thai-turned boxer took sev‌eral bl‌ows into his head during the 12th round of the match. He was knocked down at first, but was able to get up before the referee could end his count, RT reported.

Chinese Boxer on Meth Brutally Beats Wife to Death for 5 Hours After Catching Her Cheating

A Chinese kickboxer/boxing coach is currently facing murder charges for the death of his wife who died after he allegedly subjected her to a brutal five-hour assault in September.

The 32-year-old suspect, identified as Xu Ding, would later claim after his arrest that he was enraged after catching her being unfaithful. Her family has denied such claims, South China Morning Post reports. Local media reported that Xu had locked his wife Zhao Pan in a room on the night of the terrible crime in Jiangyou, Sichuan Province.

Another Alleged ‘Kung Fu Master’ Suffers Humiliating 7-Second Defeat Against Boxer

Another video of an alleged martial artist master from China being pummeled in humiliating fashion has emerged online. This time, a boxer brought the beatdown against a man who is reportedly a master of the legendary Wudang style of kung fu.

Last month, a mixed martial arts fighter infamously defeated a supposed Tai Chi “master” in just 10 seconds. The video split netizens’ opinion on the incident with many criticizing the MMA fighter’s cockiness, while others praised him for exposing the “frauds” in martial arts.