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‘Big Brother’ Contestant Sparks Outrage After ‘Racist’ Joke About Asian Cast Member

A contestant on Season 21 of “Big Brother” has come under fire after making a racially-charged joke about an Asian housemate this week.

The moment, which was captured on the program’s live feed, occurred during a conversation between five White houseguests: Tommy Bracco, Kathryn Dunn, Christie Murphy, Analyse Talavera and the one in question, Jack Matthews.

‘Philippine Big Brother’ Contestant Giving THE NERDIEST Response to a Question is TV Gold

A new contestant on Filipino reality show “Pinoy Big Brother” is going viral for his complicated response to an otherwise simple question during his brief Q&A with the show’s hosts.  

PBB, which is the official Philippines’ version of the popular CBS show “Big Brother,” has recently added eight more adults to the existing contestant lineup for the show’s “Camp Star Hunt” event.

White ‘Big Brother’ Contestant Accuses Another Of Racism Against An Asian American Contestant

Asian Americans are used to not being supported when they’re treated unfairly because of their race or when they’re subjected to racial slurs (e.g. “’Jap?’ That’s just an abbreviation for Japanese! ‘Chinaman?’ What’s the big deal? How’s that different from ‘Irishman?’”). So it was nice to see a white woman come to the defense of the lone Asian American contestant on CBS’s reality show “Big Brother” Sunday night. But it was more complicated than that.

It all began when Raven told Jessica to go over and talk to Cody because he looked sad. Jessica, who’d already paired up romantically with Cody, declined: “Pao Pao’s over there, so I’d rather not.” As Paul explained to viewers, Pao Pao was the nickname of a female Latina/Asian, Paola Shea, from three years ago, who kind of resembles current player Alex Ow in looks and temperament (which is very short).