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China lists 100 times the US ‘interfered’ in Hong Kong

China releases listicle

China put up a website on Friday that lists more than 100 times the U.S. has “interfered” in Hong Kong and includes the names of government officials who allegedly facilitated the city’s “destabilization.” 

What’s in it: The “fact sheet,” titled “U.S. Interference in Hong Kong Affairs and Support for Anti-China, Destabilizing Forces,” was published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). It lists 102 actions from both the Biden and Trump administrations dating back to early 2019.

Chantale Wong becomes first LGBTQ person of color nominated for director of Asian Development Bank

Chantale Wong

President Joe Biden has nominated several people for key roles, including Chantale Wong as the U.S. Director of the Asian Development Bank, with the rank of Ambassador.

The nomination: Wong has over 30 years of experience in a multi-disciplinary field, including finance, technology and the environment, according to the White House announcement on Friday. She is also a leading authority in international development policy.

Confused Japanese Citizens Receive Stimulus Checks From Biden’s COVID-19 Relief Package

Some Japanese citizens are reportedly receiving stimulus checks of up to $1,400 each from President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief package approved in March.

Surprise in the mail: The recipients, noncitizens who once lived in America but left a long time ago, posted online that they were surprised to receive stimulus checks from the U.S. Treasury, reported Asahi Shimbun.

Biden Appoints Erika Moritsugu as AAPI Senior Liaison, Deputy Assistant to the President

Erika Moritsugu

President Joe Biden has announced the appointment of Erika Moritsugu as Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Senior Liaison on Wednesday.

Vital voice: Moritsugu, who was also appointed as Deputy Assistant to the President, is set to “be a vital voice to advance the President and the Administration’s priorities,” a recent press release issued by the White House noted.

Biden Takes Action to Fight Anti-Asian Hate Sparked by Pandemic


In an effort to advance racial equity in the U.S., President Joe Biden signed a memorandum that condemns and combats “racism, xenophobia and intolerance” against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI).

The directive, one of four similar executive orders signed Tuesday, acknowledges the role the government has played in the surge of anti-Asian hate crimes amid the COVID-19 pandemic — while recognizing the contributions of AAPI front liners.

‘Beijing Biden’, ‘United States of China’ Graffiti Spotted in Connecticut


Vandals defaced a public school and a store in Fairfield, Connecticut with words and phrases in protest against the upcoming Biden administration.

McKinley Elementary School, known in the area for its “incredible diversity,” saw “United States of China” spray-painted on the sidewalk leading to its entrance, as well as on a snowbank near its parking lot on Wednesday.