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Badass Berkeley Teacher Who Punched Neo-Nazi Faces Assault Charges

Berkeley teacher and activist Yvette Felarca, who was caught on video punching a neo-Nazi demonstrator during a riot at the California State Capitol, appeared in court on Thursday to face assault charges.

Outside the courtroom, people gathered for a rally to show their support for the Berkeley schoolteacher, chanting, “What do we want? Drop the charges. When do we want it? Now.”

She Was Living Off Ramen Noodles to Build Her Startup, Now She’s Filthy Rich

One 26-year-old Silicon Valley CEO knows a little something about money after starting her first business at the age of 11.

Jessica Mah is a high school drop out and the CEO and co-founder of inDinero, a cloud-based accounting software company that caters to small businesses. InDinero employs 200 staffers, operates out of five offices and reached an eight figure revenue this year.

Asian Columnist at UC Berkeley Faces Criticisms For Racially-charged Opinion Pieces

A female student’s controversial column for UC Berkeley’s school paper “The Daily Californian” has received criticism for its racially charged, sexually-explicit content. 

The author, Maggie Lam, claims that she writes “about reclaiming the Asian-American narrative surrounding the immigrant experience.” In her three pieces for the paper titled, “Speaking Out,” “Fucking White Boys,” and “Choosing Myself Over White People,” she uses strong, offensive words to describe the caucasian roommate and male partner she encounters on campus.