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Phone Battery Bursts into Flames During Repair in China

phone turns into mini flamethrower after chinese technician pokes hole in battery

A video circulating on Chinese social media shows a technician from a tech repair shop in China leaping out of his chair after the battery of the phone he was fixing suddenly bursts into flames.

The CCTV footage starts off with the technician hunched over the smartphone as he continues to repair and fiddle with the device’s power source using a pencil-shaped tool, according to the Daily Mail.

Something is Wrong With the iPhone 8 Plus Battery in Japan and Taiwan

Two cases of batteries swelling up have been reported by iPhone 8 Plus users in Japan and Taiwan. While it may sound alarming, fans shouldn’t worry as it’s reportedly nowhere near as dangerous as the infamous Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 battery explosions in 2016.

The first reported incident of the iPhone 8 Plus battery swelling occurred in Taichung, Taiwan when a woman bought a gold variant of the handset on Sept. 23. CnBeta reported that everything was going smoothly with the phablet — the term coined to describe a smartphone/tablet hybrid — as translated by Gizmo China.

You’ve Probably Been Charging Your iPhone Wrong This Whole Time

Chances are you’re probably charging your smartphone wrong and doing more damage to your battery than you know.

Many of us know the struggle of having our phones die on us half way through the day. Even when we charge it to 100% capacity overnight, it fails after a few hours of usage. Well, the key to prolonging the life of your battery lies in the way you charge your phone.

It Takes a Few Seconds to See Which Apps Are Draining Your iPhone

Today’s smartphone batteries may hold charges longer than ever before, but that still doesn’t mean much in the face of constant Snapchats, Facebook updates and Instagram photos.

If keeping your iPhone alive throughout the day is a struggle, it may be less about the actual battery and more about the software that’s being run on your phone. Fortunately, Apple provides a way to check on which apps are sapping your battery’s life the most in the latest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 9.