Phone Battery Bursts into Flames During Repair in China

Phone Battery Bursts into Flames During Repair in ChinaPhone Battery Bursts into Flames During Repair in China
Bryan Ke
January 31, 2018
A video circulating on Chinese social media shows a technician from a tech repair shop in China leaping out of his chair after the battery of the phone he was fixing suddenly bursts into flames.
The CCTV footage starts off with the technician hunched over the smartphone as he continues to repair and fiddle with the device’s power source using a pencil-shaped tool, according to the Daily Mail.

Seconds later, the battery suddenly shoots fire from the base of the smartphone towards the technician like a baby flamethrower.
A female customer can be seen quickly darting backwards from the store counter as the phone begins to spit out fire. The technician tries really hard to blow out the fire as the phone goes up in smoke.
It’s unclear what made the device burst into flames, but it is believed that the repairman poked a hole in the battery, causing it to leak.
There is no word yet on the exact model of the handset, but the Daily Mail believes it could be a Samsung phone based on the footage and images. Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the horrific ordeal.
A Chinese man had a similar encounter last week after he bit into the power source of an iPhone battery to check if it was authentic only for it to explode right in front of his face.
Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube / Online Dailymail
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